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The Ritz Towers @ 8 Lisa Street

Looking to buy a condominium in Brampton? Hoping to live the high life? Consider the Ritz Towers, a luxury condominium complex located at 8 Lisa Street.

On the outside, the Ritz Towers are the picture of suburban splendor--a little piece of nature, nestled in the centre of the city. They are surrounded by ten acres of landscaped woods and lawns, with views from the units that overlook Chassels Lake. check out some of the photographs contained here. Also inclided are picnic areas, walking and jogging trails.

Inside, the building is modern, clean, brightly-lit and spacious. The units range from 1000 sq. ft. to 1250 sq. ft. The indoor pool is one of the nicest that you're likely to find anywhere in Brampton. 24-hour security and a convenience store (which also socks DVDs) located right inside the building means that you and your visitors will always be safe and well-supplied.

Fill out the easy contact form below for more information on the Ritz Towers at 8 Lisa St., including price lists, floor plans and layouts. Live in luxury at the Ritz!

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